Teach Your Kids How To Invest And Become Financially Independent In As Little As 6-Weeks
Interactive lessons to teach teens and pre-teens the financial lessons that are essential in becoming financially independent without using confusing industry terms.
Reserve Your Spot and Learn the Financial Secrets That Aren't Taught In School
What You Are Going To Learn...
  • How to stand out from your peers by learning how the stock market works and how to build wealth NOW! 
  • How banks work and how they can benefit you
  • ​The secrets of how credit and credit cards work and how to secure a perfect credit score
  • How to survive in the real world as an adult using a 2-week simulation.  You'll pick a career and a salary, create a budget and pay bills!
  • How to generate wealth by learning the difference between an Asset and a Liability
  • ​How to retire a millionaire!
And You Don't Want To Miss..

The LIVE Stock Market Simulation 

There's no better way to learn than to gain practical experience by doing.  After enrolling, you'll have access to the Decoded Finance Kids Course online stock market simulation game. Watch your profits climb while learning how to invest in the stock market. 

About Keallah Smith
Keallah Smith is a former Accountant and Business Analyst and mom to three homeschooled boys. 

As a Kids Money coach, she teaches kids about finance through fun and engaging classes.  With more than 100 parental reviews, and over 1,000 kids taught, you'll be guaranteed to learn financial lessons that will prepare you for the real world. 
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